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BenchPrep's Month of Learning Virtual Office Hours

How to Market Your Learning Program with Amanda Wynne, BenchPrep's Vice President of Marketing [On-Demand]

Most learning professionals devote the majority of their energy to building out their course content and program strategy, and rightly so. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how excellent your courses are if your messaging doesn’t do a good job attracting learners. In other words, to run an effective learning business, you need to know how to be a marketer.

During this virtual office hours session on Tuesday, June 16th, Amanda Wynne, BenchPrep’s VP of Marketing, answered questions about driving demand for your learning program and tying your efforts back to business results. Watch the on-demand recording by clicking below.

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How to Drive Revenue and Build Engagement for Your Learning Program with Ashish Rangnekar, BenchPrep's CEO [On-Demand]

We’ve been socialized to believe learning ends when we finish school or university or an e-course, but that really isn’t the reality we see today. And while many organizations are aware of continuous learning, many are unsure how to turn their learning program strategy into products that are profitable.

During his virtual office hours session on Thursday, June 18th, BenchPrep's CEO Ashish Rangnekar, answered questions about flipping your learning program from a cost center to a revenue driver. Watch the on-demand recording of his session by clicking below.

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How to Design for a Successful eLearning Program with Joe Miller, BenchPrep's Vice President of Learning Design and Strategy [On-Demand]

A digital-first learning strategy is a must-have to help learners feel confident and achieve mastery. But how do you guarantee your content hits the mark and—even better—improve your offerings over time?

It's more important than ever for your eLearning experiences to engage your learners and result in real impact. Joe Miller, BenchPrep’s VP of Learning Design and Strategy, recently hosted a virtual office hours session where he answered questions about how to design online learning content experiences that are relevant and engaging for your learners.

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All You Need To Know About BenchPrep Engage with Marlon Davis, BenchPrep's Vice President of Product [On-Demand]

You’re going to want to sit down for this one: it’s been shown that after just 30 days, learners forget 79% of what they learned. To help you combat this daunting statistic and help your learners achieve true mastery, we created our newest product microlearning, BenchPrep Engage.

BenchPrep Engage is powered by short, regularly spaced education cycles that increase engagement, improve learner outcomes, and create more consistent revenue for your learning business.

Marlon Davis, BenchPrep’s VP of Product, hosted an interactive virtual office hours session where he answerde all your questions about our new continuous learning product, BenchPrep Engage. 

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