Virtual Office Hours: How to Drive Revenue For Your Learning Program with Ashish Rangnekar [On-Demand]

We’ve been socialized to believe learning ends when we finish school or university or an e-course, but that really isn’t the reality we see today. And while many organizations are aware of continuous learning, many are unsure how to turn their learning program strategy into products that are profitable.

During this virtual office hours session, BenchPrep's CEO Ashish Rangnekar answered questions about flipping your learning program from a cost center to a revenue driver.

He answered questions like:

  • How does learner retention relate back to program ROI?
  • How can my organization create a more consistent revenue stream from our learning program?
  • We are considering building our own learning platform. Could you speak to the build vs. buy discussion?

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In these office hours, you will learn:

How to generate the maximum ROI for your learning program
Positioning your learning program as a value driver for users and revenue driver for the organization.
Reduce logistical and operational overhead