[On-Demand] Virtual Office Hours: All You Need To Know About BenchPrep Engage with Marlon Davis

You’re going to want to sit down for this one: it’s been shown that after just 30 days, learners forget 79% of what they learned. To help you combat this daunting statistic and help your learners achieve true mastery, we created our newest product, BenchPrep Engage. Engage is powered by short, regularly spaced education cycles that increase engagement, improve learner outcomes, and create more consistent revenue for your learning business.

Marlon Davis, BenchPrep’s VP of Product, recently hosted a virtual office hours session to answer all of your questions about BenchPrep Engage.

In these office hours, you will learn:

How Engage works with BenchPrep Ascend
What kind of content is right for Engage 
Why continuous learning is esstenial for your learning program