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Research Revealed: Trends Driving High-Stakes Training Success [On-Demand]

If you oversee a learning program, a few things hold true no matter your business’s market or industry: your learners need to master your course material, your content and experience must be engaging, and your learning program needs to drive revenue for your business.

The high-stakes learning market includes any organization selling critical learning products, and includes all kinds of businesses— professional certification test prep, highly-skilled professional training, continuing education, and more—but there are distinct trends that set them apart from low-stakes learning companies.

In this webinar, BenchPrep’s John Guy walks you through emerging market trends that BenchPrep identified as key findings after surveying 248 high-stakes training providers.

In this webinar you will learn:

Strategies for reducing dropout rates.

What high-stakes training organizations look for in a digital learning platform

What business results high-stakes training providers want to generate

How these results lead to maximum organizational ROI