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Product Showcase: 3 Key Drivers of Digital Transformation and How BenchPrep Can Help [On-Demand]

Digital transformation is undeniably here. You have the opportunity to lead your organization into the future... or you could resist and end up left behind.

In this free product showcase webinar, BenchPrep's Solution Engineer Rhys Goulbourn will talk through 3 key drivers of digital transformation and show you how a modern, configurable learning platform like BenchPrep can set you up for digital transformation success.

You'll learn:

  • Why it’s important to understand the changing needs and expectations of your modern learners
  • What data you need from your learning program in order to make informed business decisions
  • How BenchPrep’s platform uses personalization, gamification, microlearning, and data analytics to provide an all-encompassing learning solution to drive results

Presenter Information:


Rhys Goulbourn is a Solution Engineer at BenchPrep. He has worked with a number of organizations to embrace emerging learning technologies and drive true success for their learners and members. Rhys has spent 5 years within technology and innovation and was drawn to BenchPrep’s focus on driving opportunity through education.