Data and Learning Science: The Magic Potion to Engaging Learners As They Prepare for Your Exam 🧪

Nothing is scarier than an eLearning program that doesn't support your business goals or help your learners feel confident going into their high-stakes certification exams.

In this on-demand webinar, BenchPrep’s Vice President of Professional Services, Emily Leary, and Director of Learning and Content Services, Janine Loechel, share five steps to help you conjure a magic potion using data and learning design principles to create an effective and engaging digital test prep or certification training program.

You will learn:

  • Why it's important to keep learning program objectives in mind while designing and developing content that caters to modern learners' needs
  • How to use data and learning design principles to course-correct your learning programs to increase engagement and better prepare your learners
  • A five-step framework to help create an impactful certification training program, and leave with actionable next steps to implement in your programs today


Emily Leary leads Professional Services at BenchPrep where she has worked for ten years and plays a pivotal role in developing effective service offerings for the company’s diverse customer base. She's passionate about leveraging software to advance learning experiences and improve outcomes.


Janine Loechel leads a team of Learning Content Managers at BenchPrep, an award-winning learning platform. Janine has helped build dozens of online courses across many industries and for a variety of learners, always striving to apply best learning science practices for today’s learners. Her background is in academic editing, publishing, and content development.