CLO Secrets Revealed: 5 Learning Leaders Share Secrets to Transform Your Certification Program

As a learning program leader, you get all the hard questions...

  • What keeps learners engaged?
  • Which courses need updated content?
  • How can we help candidates feel more confident so they don't drop out?

We talked to 5 Chief Learning Officers and VPs of Learning at the country's most innovative associations and certification providers to uncover their secrets for engaging learners, managing content, and boosting candidate confidence.

Learn how CompTIA, CFA Institute, and others collect and act on candidate feedback, leverage data for certification program success, and improve candidate engagement and outcomes.

never stop learning

Candidates who feel prepared are less likely to drop out, so help them get ready for test day


A high-quality, interactive study experience can help you turn your learning program into a revenue driver


Take your program to the next level with insights into learner performance and the quality of your content