Product Showcase: 4 LMS Superpowers Every Association Should Look For [On-Demand Webinar]

The last year brought many challenges for associations: in-person conferences were canceled, exams were postponed, and through it all, you had to figure out how to keep your members engaged remotely.

Many organizations were forced to adapt reactively through a short-term lens rather than proactively with a long-term strategy in mind. As we move forward in this digital world, you need the right technology in place or you risk being left behind.

In this product showcase webinar, Enterprise Account Executive Ankur Bhatia shares 4 "superpowers" every association should look for in a learning management system (LMS) and show you how BenchPrep's modern, configurable learning platform will set you up for digital transformation success.

You will learn:

  • How an LMS can help your association create new revenue streams
  • Why it's important to keep your members actively engaged
  • Ways to keep your members engaged to increase retention rates
  • How BenchPrep’s platform uses personalization, gamification, microlearning, and data analytics to provide an all-encompassing learning solution to drive results for associations

Presenter Information:


Ankur Bhatia, BenchPrep Enterprise Account Executive, has spent the past decade helping organizations improve learning outcomes through the selection and use of technology. He believes in the power of digital transformation to make education more accessible and flexible for all learners. Today, Ankur partners with leading training and educational organizations in the professional learning space to guide them through their digital transformation using BenchPrep's award winning learner success platform and services.