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Solutions Showcase: 4 LMS Features You Need for a Superior Practice Experience [On-Demand Webinar]

To survive within and beyond the pandemic era, your training company’s learning program needs to be online. And, to do eLearning well, you need an LMS.

But you can’t take just any LMS. Helping learners prepare for the professional credentials and certifications that can change their lives and shape their careers requires more than just regular learning tech. What you need is an LMS purpose-built to provide a superior test prep and practice experience.

In this solutions showcase webinar, we talk through 4 key LMS features and show you how a test prep learning platform like BenchPrep can best prepare your learners and help your business create new revenue streams to secure and expand your business.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

Why it’s important to choose an LMS that aligns with your test prep use case to help your learners achieve mastery
What data you need from your training program in order to make quick and informed decisions about your strategy and content
elearning program
How BenchPrep’s platform uses confidence levels, custom practice questions, and a mock-exam experience to provide a superior practice experience