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Make Your eLearning Transition Easy: A BenchPrep Quick Start Program Sneak Peek

COVID-19 has thrust us into a world where it’s no longer possible to deliver in-person training, professional development, or certification...at least for the time being. Now, learning organizations must quickly pivot their programs to a digital-first model or risk being left behind. BenchPrep created a Quick Start Program (QSP) to help ease this transition and deliver an exceptional learner experience at the same time.

In this brisk 30-minute webinar, BenchPrep’s Rhys Goulbourn and Emily Leary show you a sneak peek of the Quick Start Program platform, walk through the 4-week implementation timeline, and more.

In this webinar you will learn:

Strategies for reducing dropout rates.

Why a learning platform that is focused on learner experience and outcomes is an imperative tool for eLearning success


How you can make a quick transition from in-person training to online learning


What you need to do to prepare for your transition