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It's Time to Look Beyond the Average LMS

Traditional Learning Management Systems serve a valuable purpose in the learning space by doing a great job with administration, documentation, and tracking. While they are great management tools, they are not designed to facilitate in-depth learning programs or handle the actual LEARNING process. In fact, LMS’s recently received a -34 Net Promoter Score, and only 12% of companies feel they are very effective at delivering digital learning.

LMS's recently received a –34 Net Promoter Score
The number of companies that feel they are very effective at delivering digital learning.

Ensuring that your learners are absorbing, retaining, and applying their newfound knowledge to real-world situations is mission critical. To prevent any of these crucial elements of learning from being overlooked, you need to leverage a comprehensive learning solution that is built to meet the needs of learners.

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, people are used to digital interface and learning on-the-go. Are you ready to phase out your own learning management systems and adopt a mobile-friendly, on-demand, comprehensive learning solution that actually focuses on the learner’s success?

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Aligning with Today's Learners

Learners today are different than they‘ve ever been. We‘re in the smartphone age, where books feel antiquated and anything not designed specifically for a mobile-device or personalized feels out of touch. With every learner having their own needs, pace, and learning style, trying to force them into a one size-fits-all LMS solution will never work. Delivering a convenient solution with powerful adaptive tools to engage every learner at their own level is now a need for organizations that administer learning programs.



Everyone has different learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Your primary goal should be to help each student learn your content in an efficient way that fits with his or her learning style. Developing individual paths for personalized learning is now an expectation.


Who says learning can’t be fun? Gamification is an effective way to engage users, hold their attention, and incentivize learning. With both small wins and larger milestone achievements, learners should be encouraged to keep going and work toward their goals in a fun way. Some items that can be used in this area include knowledge points, earned short break, games, badges and leaderboards.

Usability Engineering

Usability Engineering. When it comes to traditional learning management systems, usability can be lacking. You need a solution that seamlessly engages, presents, and integrates your content into the learning processes.

Mobile Functionality

Omnichannel capabilities are more than just a convenience. Mobile functionality is essential. Provide time and location flexibility to allow users to learn whether they have a two-hour block of time at home or only 10 minutes between activities. Users want the ability to access training materials anywhere, on any device, at any time.


When inevitable interaction happens between users, it should all occur on your learning platform.  Forcing them to leave your site and use their email, text, or a chat app will only make the learning process more disjointed.  Enable forums and discussion capabilities that link directly to learning exercises to maintain a one-stop shop.

Improving Your Bottom Line

When it comes to making business decisions, almost everything comes down to costs. Investing in a new learning solution is no different. However, choosing the right online learning solution generates a high return on your investment by increasing revenue, and can even reduce costs for your business as well.

Unfortunately, most learning management systems aren't able to generate much of an impact on your bottom line. However, you can reduce expenditures when it comes to both time and instructor costs with the right digital learning solution. When everyone is empowered to learn on the go with digital lessons, you don’t need to invest as heavily or at all in printed materials or in-person learning sessions. Instead, you can have an all-in-one digital solution that does the work.

Ultimately, the most impactful way that your bottom line can benefit is through the success of your learners. Whether it’s by retaining top talent, helping professionals develop and improve skill sets, or making the process of learning more enjoyable and less cumbersome, when you go beyond a traditional LMS solution you get a higher return on your investment. You can secure higher learner success rates by actually prioritizing the learner experience.

White-Labeling Learning Solution Benefits

White-labeled solutions with your branding and logo are more than just aesthetically pleasing. They can perfectly align with your business by providing a look and feel exactly like the branding you’ve carefully crafted.

Plus, you save time you would otherwise be spending on building your own solution.

Leverage a comprehensive learning solution that looks and feels like it’s yours, right down to customized features, user flow, learning pathways, communication methods, and more. Multi-tenant, white-label-enabled software puts the following aspects of your business front and center:

  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Brand Standards
  • URL

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

The digital age has transformed how we live, so having a learning solution that keeps up and has the usability that we’ve all become accustomed to and expect as the norm is imperative in today’s digital world. An omnichannel learning platform isn’t just a want anymore; it’s a need, which is why traditional learning management systems are falling behind. 

Utilize a learning solution that goes above and beyond the traditional LMS by specifically catering to learners on the go. From users learning on their laptops to commuters learning on their train rides to work, you’ll ensure your program aligns with today’s learners when choosing a learning platform that has a mobile-first design

End-to-End Learning Program Expectations

Do you have an idea for a learning module that your current system just can’t make a reality? Maybe you’re trying to convert your print training materials into a digital curriculum, but it’s taking too long and isn’t what you had in mind.

With an experienced provider, you’ll be able to partner with experts who can help you navigate every aspect of digital learning, including implementation, account management, and support.

Track Progress and Skill-Set Advancement

For many programs, user progress is measured by seeing boxes get checked off. But what does that really reveal about a learner’s progress? You have virtually no insight into knowledge retention or understanding.

Going beyond a traditional LMS and using a learning solution that is designed with learners in mind can offer a number of platform capabilities. Now, you'll be able to not only track progress, but to reveal development and areas for improvement as well.

A dashboard that is thoughtfully designed to show progress through metrics and completed goals can help learners prioritize appropriately, and remediate effectively.

Importance of Compliance and Security

Maintaining data security standards is a responsibility BenchPrep takes seriously. There are many compliance standards companies need to align with, and a failure to align could lead to serious risks, like fines, loss of business, damage to your reputation, and in some cases, jail time.

To make sure you’re complying with all mandatory regulations, you need an online learning solution that is fully secure. Also, having a solution which is designed to integrate easily with other platforms while still protecting your company and user data can save you time and aggravation, while buying you peace of mind.

Opportunities for Real-Life Training

When you hear “digital learning,” you might worry that adopting this solution could cost you the benefits of in-person training. We know that interacting face-to-face and working through real-world situations holds great benefits for your learners. So, look for a learning solution that offers unique training capabilities to complement in-person learning, instead of replacing it altogether.

Conducting live classes and training sessions allows you to reach learners anywhere in the world. Users also have access to community discussion boards on your platform to work through questions and concepts together. Videos and interactive teaching methods enhance learning for users in today’s digital world.

See how OnCourse Learning uses BenchPrep for it's Prep xL courses in the video!

Centralized Storage of Data and Learning Materials

Do you feel like you have to dig through endless files, search a backlog of emails, or look on multiple solutions to find all of your learning content? Over the course of your business, content is likely saved in different places, updated, altered, or lost altogether.

Eliminate this problem by consolidating and organizing all of your learning materials into a single platform. Look for a solution that can store, organize, and integrate your current content into new digital learning programs with ease.

It’s possible for your learning content to be housed in a single location and used to its maximum potential through an innovative digital learning solution.

Learning Platforms Enhance Customer Service

Comprehensive learning solutions are capable of making your customer service efforts more effective. You can create targeted on-boarding training courses, and track how effective those courses are in preparing your professionals.

You can also personalize learning paths to ensure the needs of each user are met, while then developing customer service certification programs that add legitimacy to your programs and validate your team members.

Staying Current with Product Updates and Policies

Do you feel like you‘re constantly training and re-training your learners everytime a new product is released or updates are made to your current products or policies? Organizations and associations in every industry are changing to better align with learning needs and to increase their own profitability.

With a comprehensive learning solution, however, instructors can utilize various features to keep learners up-to-date with product updates and policies. This is especially helpful in the financial and healthcare industries regarding compliance. Your learners will stay current on industry developments, and you don‘t have to overhaul your entire training program.

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